Getting active in Gosport and Havant

02 June 2017

We want to reward you for your efforts for tracking your activities. 

As points accumulate you can use them to treat yourself, by selecting any of these rewards, or you can donate them to the many charities from this list.

If you spot a charity you'd like to see on the BetterPoints website please let us know by getting in touch here.

If you’re not currently tracking your activities how do you take part?

Use the BetterPoints app to track your activity automatically (using Background Tracking or if you prefer, select your activity type from the activity menu under the orange play button on the top right of the screen).

To earn 100 points straight away, please click on the arrow icon in the top right of your app and select "Survey" to answer only one question about your current activity, to help us show you how you have improved during the programme. 

How can we help you to stay motivated?

With BetterPoints you can see your points accumulate on the app for your efforts, we will also share news of what is going on in your area to help you to get active.

Refer a friend and we will give you 500 BetterPoints each.  You can invite 5 friends just send us their email address here. 

We also want to hear from you, please email us at and share your success stories of being active.

So get out there and get earning points for your activities to swap for a reward like a Morrisons voucher to use in the café or on groceries.

The BetterPoints Team